Monday, June 16, 2014

New Beginning, Well hello world :)


So here we begin again :) 

Hai ! my name is Puteri Ain Nabilah Binti Abdul Razak , I am 20 year old on this upcoming December and I am a Flight Operation student at Aviation Management College, Bangi . I am addicted with aviation . So how about you? hehehehe

Alright, actually this is my second blog after I've deleted the old one due to the some problem and I really don't know why I am actually begin to fall in love with blogging world again . (mungkin sebab nak jadi kan dairy hidup kot , ecececeh)

so, this is me , tembam kan hehehe :)

I am looking forward to post for the next entry later on, since I am in the semester break mode, memang free sangat la kan hidup kan hehehe . So once again, selamat berkenalan and have a safe flight at

Putt, XOXO

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