Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Am A Dreamer !


Dreamer? Yes! I am a dreamer. Dreamer on what I want to be. You know, I never thought that I can be soooo addicted with aviation world. Never . I love aircraft so much and even I have my own aircraft's collection at home but tak la banyak mana pun, ada lah sikit, tambah-tambah dengan along punya sekali hehehe. The aircraft sound like a melody to me hehehe nampak tak tipu ni hehe no la , actually I do love everything that related with aircraft and its getting more worst after I continue my studies. For me, my soul  and mind completely dipersembahkan untuk aviation world ecececeh gittew kan hehehe.
Lets throwback a little bit, actually dulu masa arwah atuk baru balik dari haji dia belikan 3 kapal terbang mainan, one for me, one for along and another one for baby. And atuk sangkut kat tengah-tengah rumah  , Bila on, plane tu akan fly in rotating position and the best part is, walaupun ada cucu-cucu dia yang lain menangis nak kan kapal terbang yang tergantung tu but still the answer is NO! . Mungkin atuk memang nak cucu dia yang ni masuk aviation field kot hehehe who's know right?
And dulu if raya, bila berkumpul sedara-sedara semua, mesti main buaian belakang rumah mak long and games dia mesti nak buat buaian tu macam bas. motif kan budak-budak dulu heheh but it is a sweetest memories you know to be remember.
me : nak pergi mana cik?
fairuz : saya nak pergi Jepun.

Its already stated to be like that. As we getting older we become a dream catcher, no longer a day dreamer but a catcher to the dream.
Who's know, because of atuk beli kan kapal untuk kami 3 beradik perempuan ni, ada di antara kami end up dengan aviation dan semesti nya along yang pertama. Full Licence Engineer (LAE) dalam masa 2 tahun lagi (sebab si gemok ni tengah kumpul experience sebab nak kene cukup kan 4 tahun experience in industry) . She's brilliant. Dean's list from first sem until her last sem . Made MARA as her sponsorships. Get work definitely after her last final exam then starting working a week after that. What's else I could say, I am a proud sister. 

And who's know, because of me always play games, "cik nak pergi mana? cik nak pergi mana?" I am now studies about Flight Operation. Flight Operation Officer is the one plan the aircraft journey right from pre-flight up until its safely landing. As next sem is going to be my last sem at college as well as going to be my horrible sem to me but hope nope, aamiin, in shaa ALLAH, I need to fulfil the requirement to make a flight plan journey. Starting from which airport to be depart and land, calculate the eta and etd , recognise the all waypoints, and the worst part is to calculate all the limitation weight by manually. ohh ini sangat suffer okayy, lagi-lagi reference pulak ikut azri punya prp, amik chapter 1 je nak sampai 41 pages. mati kering la next sem :( but I hope everything going follow the flow because I do planning something for my future. In shaa ALLAH, Aamiin, moga dipermudahkan semua.
I need to find the suitable route for my flight journey but hurmmm kene jumpa sir hafiz dulu ni, kasi bincang sebab takut sangkut pulak nanti. While i'm looking at the flightradar, mai tengok berapa banyak kapal yang tengah torbang waktu ni heheheh

This one at the area of Europe if i'm not mistaken
macam semut kan? memang banyak sebab dorang besar,
dengan nak transit bagai semua.

This one Malaysia and yang berkumpul banyak kapal tu of course
Changi's Airport, one of the busiest airport in the world.
Who's know? No one know? No one can predict what to be happen next except if you have sixth sense but still if ALLAH didn't said "kun Fayakun" semua tak kan jadi. Only he's know what to be happen tomorrow and even 10 years from now, only him. So as a human and of course a muslim, what we must do is, firstly, we must have a good nawaitu' (goal) , next is do the best, beyond your expectation and after all is done, lastly is asks for the best from him. Kita dah buat yang terbaik dan in shaa ALLAH bende yang baik akan menghasil kan result yang terbaik.

No one can stop you except ALLAH and No one can improve yourself except you . 
kemon kemon you can do it! Remind yourself about making your parents proud! 
If today you say tomorrow, lets makes today count!

Selamat Ber-FIFA . GoodNight!
xoxo, putt .

The best way they say, is to move on.


The best way they say, is to Move On. 
Six letters, two word, easy to says, hard to explain, hardest to do : MOVE ON

Sometimes in life, there are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn and people we can't live without but have to let go.

All the memories taught me a lot . I've learned and growth . I take the good ones and I push the bad ones aside . You taught me a lot, in both situation, during and after its all done . I feel blessed to know you. 

Because past is past and I hope I don't have to judge you based on our past in future . You've been chosen your best route and get walk through it. This is what you want and this is what you wish .so I hope you will happy and always in his bless, in shaa ALLAH . 

There are no point to take revenge or what . This is what I've been asked from him . So just give me a reason why I can't be 'redha' after he fulfil and give me the answer for the question I've been asked like everyday during my sujud and doa'. Its been stated to be ended like this, so who I am to changed and argue with him .

I've planned but ALLAH also planned and I know ALLAH will give what is the best for me . And that for sure because he is definitely the best planners. He will not give what I want but he will give what I need . Redha and accept everything . It is ALLAH wills . ALLAH know better what I don't know. Just hold on, ALLAH knows what he's doing.

Sometimes in life, when people walk away, let them,
Your future is not about the people who walk away,
It is about the people who stay in it and enjoy the ride with you.
I do forgive everything and I hope you will do the same.
Aku lepas kan semua.

Just Breath and move on.

Putt, xoxo

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Beginning, Well hello world :)


So here we begin again :) 

Hai ! my name is Puteri Ain Nabilah Binti Abdul Razak , I am 20 year old on this upcoming December and I am a Flight Operation student at Aviation Management College, Bangi . I am addicted with aviation . So how about you? hehehehe

Alright, actually this is my second blog after I've deleted the old one due to the some problem and I really don't know why I am actually begin to fall in love with blogging world again . (mungkin sebab nak jadi kan dairy hidup kot , ecececeh)

so, this is me , tembam kan hehehe :)

I am looking forward to post for the next entry later on, since I am in the semester break mode, memang free sangat la kan hidup kan hehehe . So once again, selamat berkenalan and have a safe flight at  http://nabilahdankapalterbang.blogspot.com/

Putt, XOXO